Sunday, October 17, 2010

Interpreting You: A Poem About David

Snatched from the jaws
of being common
Autism's reputation
shattered by the smile that puts more of life
together than puzzle pieces

When you hop
it's like a calf leaping from the stall
Only the stall is long gone
but the hop remains
I think you dance before the Lord
like your namesake
and you remind us
that the joy must move the body
or the joy is not

Even the howl
speaks of the creation
subjected to frustration
awaiting the routine
of the everlasting rest
without change like shifting shadows

The sacred words you memorized
make you mighty
more mighty than earth's greatest sage
Happy is the man who hears
more wisdom in the rigid voice
than all the schools of knowledge muster

The walk you take
for your middle namesake
Enoch walked with God
and God walks beside us
You show that no one takes one step
to heaven's spacious estate
Many steps intervene
to prove they shall walk and not faint
before the entropic world

So you speak
more than your words display
You appeal
in a language few appreciate
thus far we must say
In this way you remind
of the new song the redeemed sing
only veiled but for now