Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Help Of My Countenance

Specifically, just how does reviewing Scripture with Dave help him? He cannot understand any of the text. He does not fix his gaze on a page, and has not recently used flash cards or pecs cards. He will probably never write a commentary. Well, again you have faith. One of the ways it benefits him is that reading to/participating with him is social interaction which autistic children need to come out of themselves. One can see this in his face. I noticed that he sometimes has a visual lock on me as he lies in bed listening. Another is that by meditating on Scripture, we become more loving people. I will naturally love him and all my family with a faithful love that gives hope in Christ. When the fruit of the Spirit is there, it cheers. And as we work together, it builds relationship, the "stuff" life is made of. Our prayers take on a power and passion that God truly honors as well. May it lead to a ministry of verbal witness to what God has done in Christ!

One of my former pastors wrote a book entitled The Power of Speaking God's Word. I heartily endorse that-- now even to those who do not have the cognitive ability to understand it. There is truly an eternal benefit to David acoompanying me on this journey of memorization.

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