Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Wisdom Wanted

I have been struck with a notion on this first morning of 2010.  How many times in the books of Kings that phrases like "...said to the king," and "...if it pleases my lord the king."  It seems that the king, whoever it was, was always getting advice from someone.  But how much of that advice was wise?

As regenerates, we have a mighty responsibility.  We are responsible to make wise decisions regarding money, children if we have them, and time.  We have a sort of "rulership" over some sphere of life.  And this is why I am thinking of a new kind of resolution when major issue advice is given to me, something like:  "If you feel like you must give me advice, be sure you are praying for me as well."  That way, we can both get a hold of real wisdom. 

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