Sunday, February 28, 2010

Corinthian Conversation II: What Happened To the Corinthians?

I am not up on Corinthian history.

What did they end up doing?  Did they end up hearing what Paul was saying about the centrality of the person of Christ and his cross?

I fear sometimes.  Just how much of this are we getting?  I am afraid that technology will be the great slayer of the would-be Christian soul.  I feel this pressure every day, as the Internet and e-mail beckon, and take us further and further away from our ability to wait on God.  Who can wait on God when we're striving to get faster and faster communications devices and methods with each other?

But letting the Good News sink in in a transforming way depends on the ability to trust God over time, and with many difficulties.  Pilgrim didn't get to fax himself to the Celestial City.

Can we please assist each other in seeing that it is about a person, namely Christ.  And put the servants of God in their rightful place--messengers.  Nobody goes around claiming to have allegiance to the errand runner.  Now true ministers of the Gospel are greater than mere errand boys due to their calling, but in another sense, they fade in personal magnitude compared to Christ.  That is to say, I believe, if we spend more time thinking about how great a particular pastor is than time saying what Christ has done, we are out of balance.

Back to this "true ministers" notion.  There are not a lot of them.  We mean those who stick to the cross and Christ as the grand subject of life.  And that is easy to get off track, even for the best of them.

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