Thursday, November 22, 2012

While He May Be Found - Can He Be Found?

Therefore, let everyone who is godly pray to you at an hour when you may be found; surely when the mighty waters rise, they will not overtake him. (Psalm 32:6).

I suppose it doesn't concern too many people in and out of the Church whether or not God will hear them.  Either we deny his existence, minimize his importance, misunderstand his person, or lower the standards for believing we are ok with God.

Anyone is susceptible to this.  David minimized the holiness of God in the covenant of marriage when he plotted to kill Uriah and take Bathsheba for himself. 

But God did hear David.  Why?  Something happened in David's life that made the existence, value, and need for God something that did not disappear in his sin.

Verse 4 of Psalm 32 says:  "For day and night YOUR hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as in the heat of summer."  David is in great anguish, but his concept of God behind his predicament did not go away.  This paved the way for his confession and restoration (vv. 5-7), and ultimately, his joy (v. 11).

This is the blessed problem.  Those whom God appoints for salvation cannot get away from him.  And from his faithfulness and supremacy.  At first, it is terrifying to have a Heavy Hand on you, but when we look up and ask for directions, we actually find him as a hiding place (v. 7) and a teacher to keep us out of further mischief (v. 8-10).

It reminds me of an old cartoon "Tooter the Turtle."  Tooter was always coming to the mythical Mr. Wizard to ask for experiences in the big world.  But many dangers, toils and snares awaited Tooter in the form of bad influences and consequent physical dangers.  At the end of the cartoon, the turtle would cry out to Mr. Wizard to save him from the predicament.  And he came home, rescued from the problem.

The point is not that wizards mean anything good.  The point is that we do not have to stray from God, and the fact that we do and can come back means he may be found!
But why push it?

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