Saturday, December 15, 2012

Atheism Dead and Buried, Part 2

Cataclysmic events in space beyond our imagination have been analyzed and studied.  We hear of multiverses, parallel universes, the laws of physics breaking down in a black hole, and even that we are already inside a black hole.  Theories, facts, and quasi-facts on these things are how many scientists coast to a paycheck.

OK, so here is the Bible claiming that God can be everywhere at all times, that water can turn into wine, and that thousands of animals fit on an ark that could hold 522 railroad cars (this is only the beginning of the list).

And what is the reaction?  Scoffing and claiming it isn't rational.

As another theory goes, matter, no matter how small, attains infinite mass at the speed of light, and requires an infinite force to move it.  But no such force exists in the universe, we are told.

I thought infinity was a concept, not a number.  

And I thought the universe(s) existed in seeming paradoxes?  Matter can arrive before it leaves?  Something can be already dead and gone, and not even exist yet?   There is no space and time at the singularity of a black hole?  And we are in one?

Stuff like this can make you tear your hair out.

Science has gone WAY beyond anything practical, or beneficial to mankind, and in this "ever learning" mode, claims to know things it can never see.  But, we are told by the atheists, we are working on these answers, and that it's a cop-out to suggest a supreme Being who actually made the laws of the natural, and can override them by fiat.

What ends up happening is that both sides--theist and atheist--present their evidence, and no one goes home persuaded.  From this, we may infer that there must be a force greater that that of logic, that defines logic, and without this force at the beginning, you can't possibly arrive at it at the end. 

What all this means is that when God is at the top of the knowledge pyramid, we may safely believe everything he says in his Word.  Now the question remains:  what is His Word? 

Next blog coming.

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