Saturday, February 2, 2008

It Doesn't Matter!

Who is elected president of the United States, that is.

In one sense, it does matter deeply to the heart of God that righteousness prevail in the hearts of our people, but as far as utopian dreams of the perfect leader leading us into the promised land, forget it.

Unless you mean that Jesus is the leader.

Yep, I mean it. Jesus. Despised and rejected by men. Ridiculed by the religious leaders of his day. Blown off by the rich young ruler. Betrayed by one of his close friends. Whipped and mocked, nailed to a cross, spat upon with sore abuse and scorn.

Forsaken by his beloved heavenly Father.

But check this out: loved by many little children. Clung to by prostitutes, beggars, thieves, and murderers who knew themselves so. The hope of the downcast, the sight of the blind, the reason for the paralyzed man to leap for joy, the awakening from the sleep of death for Jairus' daughter, the son of the widow of Nain, Lazarus, and of course His own glorious resurrection.

Why did I go through all that? So your thinking would be saturated with His glory, and you perhaps would chill out and relax as you wait and pray for the upcoming election.

This same Jesus is in charge. Even if the most vile ruler imaginable was in power, it would still be under his control.

In the days the Bible was written, the people did not elect their rulers. They were stuck with them. There were no "Vote for Herod" stickers on the backs of donkeys.

Who do we think we are complaining about our government? Bellyaching about the loss of our "freedoms?" Don't you believe a word of it. Even if wholesale persecution of Christians to death were to commence, it would actually serve to strengthen the Church. If it doesn't happen, we get to live in this great land with privileges unimagined by our ancestors.

But it won't last indefinitely.

My point is: yes, pray for the elections and for our national leaders, that we may live peaceable and quiet lives in all godliness. (Titus 3). But chill out if your guy or gal doesn't win.

Look to the Leader of leaders, Jesus.

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