Saturday, February 2, 2008

STARS Come Out At Full Light Of Day

I recently received a newsletter from the STARS disability ministry at church. It highlighted many of the adult STARS in the ministry who overcame their limitations through Christ who strengthens them.
Specifically, this occurred with the imminent hospitalization of one of their own young women who suffers from seizures, and a stroke, and was about to be admitted to the hospital the morning that STARS holds their annual Disability Ministry Sunday. One of the STARS, Cheryl Newing, just would not let that happen without prayer and supplication to God. More joined in, and as it turned out, the Lord granted the girl an amazing and against-all-odds recovery, and she returned that very morning for the special service!

I am frequently told that we all need to take a lesson from the simple faith of these fine servants of the Lord.
This occurred before I worked in the ministry but I would have loved to be there. Actually, I would have cheered the loudest if I had been there at the time of this faithful prayer for Becca Tally. This is the kind of faith that I--by His grace--possess to some measure, and want to encourage in others.

Let's take another look at the boat in the storm with the panicking disciples and a sleeping Jesus. Lets go back to the God who, in Christ, saw the wind and waves not as threatening, but as an opportunity to display his mighty power that we might believe:):)

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