Saturday, July 5, 2008

More on Life

I confess, I am a nutcase fan of virtuoso guitarists. There is this guy out there who can make his instrument sound like the soundtrack of PacMan when the ghosts run wild:) He says that anyone can do what he does, it just takes a lot of practice.
I guess I shouldn't pay so much attention to that, but even when I do, Psalm 139 rings true "If I fly to the heavens, You are there. Or if I make my bed in the depths, you are there too." The part about "it just takes practice" reminds me about the biblical truth that we are to train ourselves to be godly. I sometimes think "What would life be like now if I gave half as much time and attention to the Word and prayer and not let Satan blow it out. It really is spiritual warfare. No one is going to attack you if you are really disciplined and lose a lot of weight. Or if you can play like Keaggy or Eddie. But start meditating on the Bible, and go for it with practice and watch the fight begin. I guess not to fight back armed with your brothers at your side is to lose. Good thing God gave us the church.
Tomorrow is another Sunday. I am glad. It is a needed pit stop, and I trust that we will be able to see beyond the mundane and be jerked back to spiritual reality. I will praise him again, because what has happened before, we can reasonably expect to happen again.

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