Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dangerous Days Indeed--But Not Yet THE Dangerous Day

With the occurrence of 9/11, the American outlook on life changed. Now we faced the prospect of a terrorist attack at any time. Almost eight years have been logged since then, and we have not to this date experienced anything like it.

September 11, 2001, however, has faded into the distant memory of many. We are still telling ourselves that life will continue to exist as it has, and we can settle in and take our ease.

Some of us, however, know better. In the past few years alone, I believe we have seen the single greatest leap into iniquity ever. We now have a President who condones infanticide if the mother wants it that way. We are having to fight drug wars, pirates, terrorists--only we are now appeasing people like this. Homosexual marriage is becoming legal in more and more states. Crime is becoming more random, more senseless, and more violent. The concept of a father in the home is now laughable. Illicit sex is everywhere. I could go further down the laundry list, but grab a newspaper and enjoy.

Billy Graham once remarked "If God does not destroy America, he might have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah."

I know what some are thinking. You are just a fundamentalist ranting on and on and trying to force your view of morality on everyone. Ok, go ahead. Reject it. You can deny this only so long.

Isaiah 57:11 "Is it not because I have long been silent, that you do not fear Me."

One day the heavens will open up. The One we pierced will descend in the clouds. You won't be able to deny that. Imagine standing in a line, a judgment line, you cannot escape. Something is terribly wrong. You are probably surrounded by angels with swords. You cannot resist their power, let alone the power of the One they serve.

Closer and closer you draw. Now you are standing before him. His face is enough to vaporize you with anger. He opens the books and asks you to give account. You have nothing to say but "guilty." And there is no counsel for the defense. You know what the sentence is. This is THE Dangerous Day.

Man oh man, don't miss this. Grab the Gospel of John. Read it through and ask God to show you if these things are so.

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