Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Met My Sister At Starbuck's, and Got Answered Prayer

The funniest thing happened today...

I was at Starbuck's finishing up some morning prayer, and was recently on the subject of Joe and
Lu who are going to M and M Club tonight at Central Bible Church. With my head buried in my hands outside the restaurant, a lady named Sherri, who I had seen oftentimes there at Starbuck's noticed me there, and came over to give me a cup of ice water. She asked me if something was wrong, because I was outside with my head in my hands. I, in total unsophistication, said "I am REALLY into Jesus right now!" I was surprised to hear it when she said she was too! I guess I took a big risk saying that. Someone might have thought I was nuts. But then Sherri said she wanted to pray with me about my kids, too. She went on to say she was saved since age 5, and that she attended Grace Pointe Church in Plainfield. So now I found a sister at the Starbuck's--and all of that as an answer to prayer. I had just gotten done praying that I would be able to show someone at that place what I was so excited about. Also, this is an answer to some prayer we prayed at the STARS retreat for people to come into our lives who would be of assistance with Dave.

By the way, Dave is not doing well right now. He is very agitated and unhappy, and holds up the family with his messes. But God did hear us at the retreat.

So sometimes we see that not all the good fruit from retreats and times of prayer happen all at once, but other times they do! This gives encouragement to keep going and praying, and asking for prayer. Can you do that for my Dave? He will one day see the fruit of it, and be happy.

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